Unused ticket, ELVIS PRESLEY San Antonio Convention Center Arena, Texas, USA, August 27th 1976.

An Elvis Presley ticket is a must for any ticket collector. Well, that was my immediate thought when I saw this one, anyway.

Elvis Presley will always be the biggest name in rock. He tops the Beatles and the Stones. He had the x-factor long before anyone knew it existed, and ran a massive career marathon from his rise to fame in 1955  and up to his death in August 1977. Elvis was elected ‘most important man of the 20th century’ by Time Magazine in 1999, ahead of tough competitors like Adolf Hitler, Yitzhak Rabin, Pope John Paul II and Marthin Luther King. No wonder I had to get a ticket of the King when I got the chance.

Show info: This concert was part of the many smaller tours of 1976, and as you can see, it was held less than a year before his staff would find him dead in his Graceland bathroom August 16th, 1977. Despite heavy medication and a murderous time schedule, Elvis kept a high pace even in his final years, and 1976 would see him do no less than 11 minitours of the US. The show in San Antonio was the first show of tour number 7, and a total of 11 000 tickets were sold for the event. According to online sources Elvis wore his blue Bicentennial suit for this show.

Ticket info: The first thing that struck me when I saw this ticket was the color. Sharp yellow with red and black text. A real beauty! From what I have seen of other tickets from the era, they were not all as bad-ass as this one. It’s a small ticket, only 2 x 4.5 inches (approx), and I will frame it pretty soon to get the most of it’s awesome graphics.

What is it worth?: There are quite a few unused Elvis tickets in circulation, especially from the seventies. They are generally traded at approx 100 – 200 USD. This ticket is in very nice shape, so it would be around the 150-175 mark.

Venue info and tour poster: San Antonio Convention Center Arena. Indoor arena, concert capasity 11.000. Sold out! Venue website: http://www.sahbgcc.com/

Video / links from the gig: I haven’t found any video from the gig. But check out this really cool concert review from the local paper:  For many nice photos from the concert:


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