Unused concert ticket, KISS Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine, USA, November 16, 1998. Psycho Circus Tour

I already shared a post on the very first Kiss show outside North America, see that one.

Today I will take a look at a much more recent show from which I have an unused concert ticket. See the ticket for sale.

The original line-up of Kiss broke up in December 1979. The band re-united at the 1996 Grammy awards, after more than 16 years of alternative line-ups, bad-mouthing and dropping of their famous masks. The re-union (in make-up) and the following tour of 1996 and 1997 gave fans new hope, and when Kiss announced a new ‘original line-up Kiss album’ , fans cheered and forums were glowing with exitement. The album was called ‘Psycho Circus’ and it sent the band out on a 15 month long tour.

Show info: This ticket is from the ‘Psycho Circus’ tour, which lasted from October 31st 1998 until January 3rd 2000. This was the 4th show of the tour, and 5000 tickets out of a total 6000 available were sold.

Ticket info: This ticket is produced by Ticketmaster, and is not as flashy or excentric as many other and older tickets. Unfortunately thats how things have become in this age of effectiveness. But there is a story behind, and that often what I find most interesting. Also, the ticket is in VERY nice condition, with not creasing, bent corners or other wear of any kind. Put this in a frame below a poster, and it’s a great piece of memorabilia. I will keep one for myself, but will sell the rest of the 5 I bought from a dealer.

What is it worth?: This ticket is not very rare, but it is in very VERY good condition. For a fan it’s a nice piece, and I value it at USD 25-30.

Venue info: Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine. Indoor Arena, concert capacity 6000.



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